Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol - Top 3 Result

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Oh man, I was feelin' a lot of anxiousness and excitement last night when A.I. was about to give out the results for Tuesday night's performance. When Ryan called Kris' name first, I just had a wonderful feeling of relief. One more week Kris, one more week. I felt sorry for Danny, but honestly, if he was in the top 2 with Kris, he would get murked! And although Adam may seem like the crowd/judge favourite, he can't measure up to Kris' down to earth swagger. No homo. But anyway, I have my money on Kris and even if he doesn't win, I'd still rather be a Kris fan than an Adam fan. Sure Adam's creativity is on a whole 'nother level (similar style to David Cook from last season) but damn, his voice is just annoying.

Kris (bottom left) and Adam (top middle) are the finalists.

I'm currently at work right now, counting down the days when I leave for my new position and not to mention my birthday. Just got paid today as well and I gotta thank God for getting me through the past couple of weeks. I'm contemplating about getting my DSi today, still hesitant but I think it's a go. Anyway, tonight is the season finale for Supernatural. I'm definitely stoked about watching it. I know it's going to be a while until the 5th season, but it's worth the wait. Guess I'll just watch all the episodes starting from the 1st season. I'm not sure where the show will go after next season. It's kind of hard to add anything else to the story, since they basically made their way to the main plot.

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  1. Adam annoys me. I hope he doesn't win! To be honest, I wasn't really loving any of the top 12. Haha.. Why I kept watching? Who knows. I am however, very excited for the Grey's Anatomy season finale tonight! :)

    OH and have you watched Southland? It is freaking awesome!