Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol - Top 3

There are things that I don't like to admit about myself, but I just have to speak openly about a a particular show I like to watch - American Idol. Tonight's show was just crazy! Now, I don't really care much about Danny or that rocker fellow, but I am definitely a fan of Kris Allen. His rendition of 'Heartless' by Kanye West was absolutely amazing. I mean I've heard The Fray do a cover of that song, but Kris' version was definitely much better. Even better than K.West's version, but don't tell him that otherwise he's ego will feel threatened. His version of 'Apologize' was not that great - just mediocre. I understood what Kara and Randy were trying to say about him doing something more to that song than just playing behind the piano, but hey he did his best. If I hadn't heard that song, I would be convinced that it was his song to begin with.

In other news, what's up with the nude/scandalous celebrity photos showing up lately? First, it was that Miss California chick, then Cassie and now Rihanna. I dunno, just an observation of mine I suppose. Don't get me wrong, they are very attractive in more ways than one, but man, I'm just not feelin' the whole 'invasion of privacy' issue. Obviously those pictures were meant for someone else. Guess a person's word of honour isn't worth much these days.

Feelin' tired even though I only had a short day at work. I have decided to get myself a DSi along with an Acekard 2i to download my games. I'll be trading in my DS for a $65 credit (and trust my DS is worth that much since the top screen is a bit flimsy) towards a brand new DSi. I thought of getting either a DSi, a DSLR, an Xbox 360 or an acoustic guitar for my birthday, and I think I might get 2 out of the 4 (one of them being the DSi).

Life is just amazing these days. And speaking of which, I just wanted to make an announcement that I'll be starting my new job either on the 19th or 25th. I'll be working the new Fine Arts Building for George Brown College Continuing Education. As for the duties that I'll be doing...not to sure, but I know I'll be taking care of the operation of the building. And no, I don't know what my position is either. All I know is that I'm getting paid more and doing a lot less than my previous job. Can't knock me down for that. :D

Well I'm getting tired, sorry but there's no Big Up Monday until next week when it's Victoria Day in Canada. I might be getting the condo to myself. Not sure, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one. Party? Maybe a small get together with the friends. Sleepover? Most likely - if they feel like it.

Anyway, this is it for now. Goodnight mofos. Peace. Oh btw, here's today's Babe of the Day:...errr I'm kind of frustrated because I can't find a decent and beautiful looking BOTD. Next time.

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