Sunday, May 3, 2009

KO - Pacman Vs. Hitman

Just celebrating the win of Manny with the family and ladyfriend. I spent $59.99 to see the fight and all I got was 2 rounds. Not even 2 full rounds. Anyway, it was worth every penny. The Brits may have had a bigger crowd, but all of that means nothing when your pride is tainted with arrogance. Freddy was right 100%. Hatton fights the same way he always does and he has not evolved as a fighter. Also, Floyd Mayweather Sr. needs to leave his ego by the door. Hatton just wasted his money hiring him. And as for De La Hoya with his Hatton 'mask', he should've made a cut out of Manny's face instead. Oh well, guess a lot of Mexicans lost a lot of money placing their bets on Hatton. After being dubbed as the Mexicutioner, I don't know why they still haven't learned their lesson. Well, that's all I'm going to rant about tonight. Take it ez.


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