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BIG UP MONDAY - May 4th Edition

So I found sometime at home to do a Big Up Monday and I'm sorry that it's a bit late. Anyway, things have been pretty hectic lately - hectic work schedule, responsibilities, relationships etc. Nonetheless, I haven't been this occupied in a while. I was just recently offered a new job as well at a different department. I think it will open more opportunities and experience for me in the long run. I also that hope I can finally stop working and start having a career instead. Life couldn't get any better for me at this point in time. I'm blessed beyond belief.

To start things off, I have been watching a number of movies here and there. Some I've watched 5 or 10 times in my life, while others I just recently discovered through my dad (he's a real movie junkie and movies are probably the biggest thing we have in common). With that said, I thought I'd point out some of the movies I've watched recently.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Now, I've been a big fan of X-Men as long as I can remember and let me just say that this movie was a bit of an upset for someone like me. As a movie straying away from the X-Men Trilogy, it could've potentially done well but there was just a lack of depth in the story line and characters. Most of the times, I found myself thinking, "WTF is going on here?! That's not what happened!"
nd I honestly felt they let down a lot of the hardcore X-Men fans out there. Now, I don't want to give away too much of the movie especially to those who haven't seen it, but half of the skills/powers that Deadpool had in the movie, he didn't even have in the comic books that I read. Anyway, still a good effort for pulling off a new twist with the Wolverine story line. I, unfortunately, will only give it a 2.5/5. It would've been a 3, if I hadn't seen the bootleg version. By the way, which ending did you see after the first set of credits?

Forever Strong

This movie was a real surprise for me. Initially, I didn't want to watch this movie when my dad asked me to watch it with him, but after watching it, I can say that it's one of my favourite movies. I'm not sure why I never heard about this movie until now because it says it was release in Fall 2008. But anyway, the story is about a juvenile delinquent who plays American rugby but gets sent off to juvy. He eventually learns how to be a better person when he is brought on to a rival team. That's just the 'jist' of it and I really hate giving away the story. It stars Sean Faris, the guy from Never Back Down (also a favourite). I think he has the potential to be the next big actor if given the right role. Anyway, this movie gets a 4/5 for me. Definitely a must rent for anyone.

The Wood

One of my all time favourite movies about friendship, brotherhood and becoming into a man. For those who have seen it, you all know how funny and real this movie is. I felt like I was connected with every single character this movie had. You have the guy who always screws up, the guy who always thinks he's the best and the guy who brings the whole group together. This is what most movies are lacking these days...realistic characters. Anyway, I'm not going to get into that.
Well the whole movie is basically about a bunch of guys growing up in 'The Wood' (aka. Inglewood, California) facing what regular teenagers face this time and age - girls, girls, girls. And also about life in general and growing up to be a man. I don't think this movie could be any bettera and to top it all of, it was laced with an outstanding soundtrack (from Ahmad's 'Back In The Day Remix to Whodini to R. Kelly to Luther Vandross' If This World Were Mine'). I will give this a 6/5, nuff said.

Well, this whole month there are just too many things I'm looking forward to in theatres. Here's what they are:
  • Star Trek (2009) - It has Spock and it's directed by McG. You say 'Who's McG?!', I say get out of here.
  • Angels & Demons - A very controversial film, I might watch it just for the heck of watching it
  • The Brothers Bloom - I just have a huge crush on Rachel Weisz
  • Terminator Salvation - Coming out on May 21st, 2009, which is on my 23rd birthday. Now you know where I'm going to be on that day.
  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian - First movie was surprisingly funny and brilliant. It was only a matter of time before a second movie came out.
  • Drag Me to Hell - Scared the f*ck out of me. Gypsies are scary. Lesson learned from watching the trailer 'Be nice to everyone...especially to old ladies that have poor dental hygiene.'
  • Disney's Up - Boy scouts are the sh*t for the summer.
For sure I know that I'm going to be poor this month :P. Which movies do you think will be a hit in the box office for the next couple of weeks?

Second on today's Big Up Monday list - Video Games. If I haven't posted yet how much of a nerd I am when it comes to video games, then I'm just going to say it now - I'm a nerd when it comes to videos games.

Lately, I haven't really been involved in anything hardcore. Except maybe Pokemon. I put Killzone 2 on hiatus (even though I bought the 2 new maps they had available for download). I'm currently putting in a lot of hours on my DS and evolving all the Pokemons that I have. I know I sound like a loser right now, but if I'm going to be pationate about anything, it's going to be either about video games or art. In this case, it's about video games.

I'v recently downloaded a couple of DS games as well:
  • Super Robot Taisen OG Sage: Endless Frontier - Just literally downloaded it today, I haven't immersed myself too much into it. But it looks like there are 36DDs on the lady characters.
  • Rhythm Heaven - I haven't played it but the lady friend says that it's fun. I think it's the game where they had Beyonce in the commercial.
  • Grand Theft Auto : Chinatown Wars - The best game on the DS.
  • Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure - What more can you ask for when you can play as a senior citizen who wears a magical fedora that causes him to turn 30 years younger and has a cane that can shoot bullets?
  • Pokemon Platinum - Nuff said.
  • Gardening Mama -From the guys who brought you Cooking Mama, they just couldn't stop at the kitchen and now they've taken your garden by storm. Haven't played it only because I think the game file is hands-off territory laid out by the lady friend.

For those of you wondering, "How does he have so many games?" To answer that, no I do not buy my games, I just download DS ROMS for free. I have not spent a single penny on a DS video game since I first bought my DS console.
Get at me if you are interested in free DS games.

As for the PS3 console, like I said, I have put that on hiatus. I'm not home most of the times, so I don't have the time to play on my PS3. However, I do download a couple of demos and downloadable content here and there. I'm currently updated on all the available Little Big Planet costumes. Most recent download is the Egyptian themed costumes. Here's an example of some of the costumes which I currently have (these are kind of old). One of my favourite packs.

The costumes are what's got me hooked onto the game. I'm not into the whole ground breaking level making concept they have going on, but I can't hate on them for giving that option to the players.

I have my eyes set out on a couple of games coming out on the PS3 within this month and I've categorized them into Rent First, Must Have and Rent First then (if amazing) Must Have:

Must Have
  • inFamous - It's a must have because my brother is going buy it and will therefore end up in my collection. That and I think this will be another open-world game similar to GTA4.
Rent First
  • Terminator Salvation - Just want to try out the whole co-op portion of the game
  • Bionic Commando - A complete remake from the old school Bionic Commando, want to try out the new grab and go gameplay they have going on.
Rent First then (if amazing) Must Have
  • UFC 2009 Undisputed - If this game is easy to pick up then for sure I'm going to get it. The demo was hard to get around.
  • Cross Edge - A crazy concept these Japanese makers came up with of putting characters together from different games and creating a potential classic RPG game.
  • Damnation - If the graphics are not half bad and the whole 'vertical' gameplay hits the right note then this game will be a must have for me.
Well folks, that's the end of today's Big Up Monday. I didn't put up a music section because it's too damn late. I'll probably have that section up for the next Big Up. I'll add in a couple of upcoming news either local/international news, celebrity news or just random news. Hope you had a good read. Enjoy the rest of your week. Peace.

Here is today's Babe of the Day - Jamie Chung (the only thing worth watching from the Dragonball Evolution movie). I had to put 2 pictures because one would not do her beauty any justice.


OH SNAP! And I almost forgot, Happy Birthday to my Mom. I don't tell her that I love her, but I love her.

Credits: IMDB, Gamespot, LBPCentral, Chickipedia

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