Monday, April 20, 2009

BIG UP MONDAY - April 20th Edition

What's goin' mofos?! Today is a special day for this blog and that's because it's the first BIG UP MONDAY! Just a massive update from your one and only Pinoy Mofo ;).

First things first. Woah! It's been way too long since my last post up in here. I actually forgot my password and had to go through the process of retrieving. Much easier than expected, way easier than a college student's password change :p.

Last time I wrote on here, I wasn't feelin' too happy about life. Just to tell you, I've been much happier these days and things could not get any better. :) I gotta thank my girl Eileen for cheering me up with her kind words. Congrats to her once again for getting into law school. She's going to be my lawyer if I get into any trouble in the future.

I've been spending a lot of time with my Chevy Blazer. It's not what you'd expect me to drive since I'm Filipino, but I like trucks and 4x4's. It's bigger than most vehicles and it has that aggressive feel to it. I recently put on much bigger tires, just to add some height to the truck. I (accidentally) fixed my horn while driving home with my brother. And yes I did my happy dance while driving.


I downloaded a bunch of albums from the past couple of weeks. I was bored and I need to feed my music crave.
(I apologize for those who are against stealing/piracy/illegal file sharing...but I don't really care :D)

Here's a list of what I've downloaded. Some are old, some are new, some you may not even heard of and some you didn't even think that I would even bother listening to.

Gavin Degraw Collection - Chariot, Gavin Degraw, Free

I waited for this guy's upcoming albums right after 'Chariot' since 2003 and he didn't come up with a new album until 2008 (self-titled album). He recently released an album this past March, Free. Fans of the hit TV show 'One Tree Hill' know this guy's music is a must-have.

Aubrey 'Drake' Graham Collection (Mixtapes) - Comeback Season, So Far Gone, So Far Gone (Chopped & Screwed Version by DJ Mr. Rogers).

I really didn't like this guy much in Degrassi...until he got shot and was wheelchair bound. Anyway, this kid is insane. He can spit like crazy and sing like he's been doin' it more than acting. I kind of prefer his So Far Gone Mixtape over the Chopped & Screwed Version, but that's only 'cause I haven't heard all of it. He's been collaborating with Lil' Wayne a lot, so obviously Drake's new album will probably be produced by Weezy as well.

Keri Hilson - In A Perfect World

This album just blew me away. After hearing her with Timbaland on his last album, I knew this girl was going to be something big. Just listen to her song with Kanye and Ne-Yo 'Knock You Down' and I guarantee you'll have it on repeat for the whole week. I would buy this if I couldn't find a downloadable version.

R&B Album Downloads

Just goin' to do a quick rundown on these albums (I haven't listened to them enough).
  • The Dream - Love Vs. Money, one of my most anticipated albums of 2009. Nuff said.
  • Jesse McCartney - Departure: Recharged, after doing a couple of pop albums, he decided to do an R&B album to reinvent himself. I applaud him for his effort. Much better than that country music crossover by Jessica Simpson (I'm just sayin)
  • Usher - Here I Stand, I'm not going to say this album bombed but it didn't do as well as his previous album 'Confessions'. Still worth a download. Wouldn't buy.
  • Musiq Soulchild - Onmyradio, I haven't really listened to the whole album but from what I've heard so far, he's tried to keep up with the times and tried to 'upgrade' his style. I still prefer the old Musiq - Juslisen era.
  • Bobby Valentino - The Rebirth, don't be fooled by the crappy album cover, it's like judging a book by it's cover. I think his third album shows his true potential and versatility as an artist.
  • J. Holiday - Round 2, can't say much because I haven't heard it at all since I downloaded it

Recent Hip Hop/Rap Album Downloads

Again, a quick rundown on these albums.
  • Flo Rida - R.O.O.T.S., when I heard his track 'Sugar' ft. Wynter and how he sampled Eiffel 65's 'Blue Da Ba Dee', I couldn't help but bump my head. I didn't even know you could sample that song, but hey it is Flo Rida we're talking about here. I'm just going to say that I like it better than his previous album.
  • Nelly - Brass Knuckles, I never knew I'd still be a Nelly fan even after I thought how much of a failure he was after his 2 Disc (separate) album 'Sweat' and 'Suit'. I think I just downloaded this song because of his single 'Body On Me' ft. Akon & Ashanti, which to me is a club banger, bed banger, you know...
  • Kardinal Offishal - Not 4 Sale, straight up his best album up to date. Some might say he's a sell out because he's under Konvict Music but K.O.'s just tryin to extend his horizons by signing on to a major label.

Sh*t That Blew My Mind

  • Naturally 7 - Wall Of Sound, I have been a fan of these guys since 2000. When I found out that they had no instruments in their 'band', I knew it only meant 2 things...beatboxing and acapella. Did you hear that? No that wasn't a gorilla, that's just their rendition of Phil Collin's 'Feel It' (In The Air Tonight).
  • Ebrahim - Goldrush, supposedly only 3000 copies have been sold to the public and I'm just one of the few lucky ones who found a download link. This man is too crazy. Give him a mic and he can do magic. Oh and he's Canadian too. :D
  • Jupiter Rising - The Quiet Hype, I saw this group's video inside American Eagle. After that, it was one of those 'love at first beat' relationships. Must have for those who need somethin' fresh to listen to.
  • Brutha - Brutha, I thought these dudes would be another B2K wannabe group but damn, I think they could contend as the next Boyz II Men. It's a huge statement for me to make, but they are big. I haven't heard all their songs but the first 2 tracks made me an official fan.

Stuff I Don't Normally Listen To

  • Colbie Caillat - Coco, I just wanted to download it because I thought she was pretty...that and I think that her song Bubbly is catchy, especially the acoustic version.
  • Kate Voegele - Don't Look Away, smokin hot and very talented, I literally fell in love with KV when she was still on One Tree Hill as Mia Catalano. She kind of looks like Vanessa Carlton, but she's 10X better.
  • Lady Gaga - The Fame, she has very catchy songs. That's all.

Kid Cudi Collection - A Kid Named Cudi, The Anthem (The Best of Kid Cudi)

Definately someone to watch out for, this man will change music for everyone. I can say he could be the 'Kanye West' of his generation. But that's just silly talk, no one can replace K.West. I suggest downloading one of these videos to get a glimpse of what's coming up in 2009.

And to end it all off...

Hip Hop Heavy Hitters

  • Kanye West - LVs & Autotune, just a couple of songs he released here and there. And like the album title says, it is heavily influenced with Autotune. Some of the songs I haven't heard of, others I've heard from his other mixtapes - which is pretty whack. Still a good download if you're a Kanye fan.
  • Jay-Z - A Prelude to Blueprint 3, a couple of songs he produced after Kingdom Come and American Gangster. Not sure if people still want a new album from him, he's better off releasing mixtapes and doing collabos.
  • Nas - Untitled Album, the Untitled Nas album was supposed to be called, N*****, had a lot of positive and negative feedbacks about it. Heck, this album wasn't supposed to be released anyway, but you gotta give it to him for sticking to the man. A must have for those who heard 'Hip Hop Is Dead'.

Well there you have it, Big Up Monday has officially ended. Damn, this is probably the longest post I have had. But there'll be more from the weeks to come. My passion for blogging has jump started once again. Somehow I have this need to blog about my life and my passion, hopefully you can learn a little somethin about me from my posts. Until next time. Take it easy.

P.S. Don't mind the spelling/grammatical errors, I was tired writing this :p

Pinoy Mofo aka P.M.


  1. One Tree Hill <3
    & I know what you mean about Usher's album..but I love "What's your name?" on his new one haha it's catchy!

  2. LOVED the Big Up Monday. You didn't post in so long! I'm glad you're back in the blogging world.

    And yes, I would love to be your future lawyer. I'm considering criminal prosecution.. so don't get in trouble on the wrong side ;)