Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No Title

Damn, this week is goin' so slow for me each day. Probably because I don't have my usual Wednesday off. Anyway, I recently got into Pokemon again (Pokemon Platinum)...yeah I'm a nerd. Too many new characters to remember, however I still remember the old ones from Pokemon Red/Blue. Everyone had that game back when it came out in the 90's.

Well last night I cleaned up my closet and decided to throw out some things that I didn't need. While I was cleaning up, I found a couple of things which gave me a feeling of nostalgia:
  • 20+ issues of Maxim, still in mint condition (consists of mainly brunettes who have graced their covers)
  • a number of comics books - I'll post the titles later on
  • some pictures I've had from way back in the day (middle school & high school era)
  • a box full of little gifts from my 'ladyfriend'
  • a number of PC games I used play - can you say World of Warcraft?

Anyway, my closet looks clean...for now. I still have to sort out my shoe boxes tomorrow. I'll give an update later on. Take care for now.


Here's for the ladyfriend - I'm not sure if you know my blog exists and I don't know if you keep up with it...but I just wanted to say that I love you. Cooooooool!


  1. Ohh nostalgia.. Good times.

    Cute shoutout to your ladyfriend!

  2. :P of course i know your blog exists. I just don't check it as often as i would like to.

    Anyways, thanks for the shout baby. AND I love you too!