Thursday, March 12, 2009

Test for Night Class

What's goin' on mofos?! I think I'm slightly becoming a blog addict. It's only been a couple of hours since my last post and here I am posting another one.

Anyway, I'm almost done work. It's been hectic and but I can't complain. I've made one person very happy today and that's all that matters. I have a test at around 6:30PM, I'm probably going to finish in an hour. Reason why is because I need to get home by 9PM to watch my show, Supernatural. Probably the best TV show series I've watched. I don't want to ruin what the show is about, but I've posted a video below just to show a glimpse of what the show entails. It has two of today's rising stars - Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles. They're pretty much eye candy for the girls (no homo). On top of that each episode has at least one hot girl showing up and the whole series is filled with crazy ass music from AC DC to Black Sabbath to Kansas (Carry On Wayward Son) - and yeah, I started to like rock/heavy metal when I became a fan.

After watching this clip, I'll be sure a couple of you who haven't seen this show will be interested in watching at least one episode. I'll post later on which ones are my favourite.


I just travelled from work to class and I am ready to rip this test into pieces!


I just finished the test. I can't believe I'm still blogging in class. Anyway, it was easy. *Blows on fingers*. Time to go home and vegetate in front of the TV. Peace out.



  1. I don't watch Supernatural.. after Jensen was on Smallville with Lana/Kristin, I didn't like him. Remember how much of a hardcore Clana fan I am? Haha.. Well, I'm sure it's an entertaining show nevertheless!

  2. Dude, what night classes are u taking?
    & ur only telling me this now?? hahaha