Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Lazy Day

Recap: Went to Yorkdale after work yesterday to exchange a pair of pants I bought 2 weeks ago. Chilled with Checkmarc after that, ate some Bourbon Grill/Chicken, caught up with each other and then went to church for Youth Week. Rest of the night was slow, but being able to chill with these kids was worth it.


It's Tuesday morning at work and it seems like every website I try to visit is down. Not a good day to start off my day. The drive to work wasn't too bad, roads are not as congested as usual - gotta thank March Break for this. I thought about staying home today and calling in sick, but the cashflow at the moment is low- had to fix the bearings on my 4X4 that I bought a couple of weeks ago. On top of that I just recently paid off my debt from my trip to Cali. Harsh times I tell you, harsh times.


I'm excited for this coming Saturday, I'm not sure why - I think it's because I haven't partied in a while. I need to find where I can get veggie trays...where the heck am I gonna get that?! Loblaws and Superstore are the only places I can think of.


3:00 PM - Someone please shoot me now. I'm too tired and sluggish to function at work!


1 comment:

  1. I miss lazy days :_(

    Congards on paying of ur debt from the Cali trip. It was worth it, wasn't it? :)