Sunday, June 21, 2009

Peace of Mind and The Godfathers

I can honestly say that I've come at peace with myself because I've forgiven and let go of all the wrong doings of my enemies. It's an easy thing to say but it's even harder to do, but everyone deserves a second chance even if they don't ask for it. For years, I've had such a heavy heart for a certain individual and just the thought of forgetting what they had done to me never came to mind. For so long, I have wanted them to suffer as much as I suffered when they caused me such pain. But I didn't know how I would do this. I wasn't sure if it was worth spending a second plotting against them and planning my revenge. It was just recently that I found out the situation this individual was in and let me tell you that the severity of what they are going through, even I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Right there and then, my thoughts about this person changed from hating them to sympathizing them. The thoughts of trying to hurt them emotionally suddenly vanished and I just felt like I wanted to support them any way I can. I never imagined speaking to them, let alone trying to comfort them but fate, destiny, karma or whatever you may call it, has a funny way of bringing me closer to them. I've learned that life's too short to spend anytime hating/disliking anyone, so I'm just trying to be positive as best as I can.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that. Sorry for the lack of postings lately but hey it seems like I've been getting a number of visitors who have been choosing the 'Not Like' option for some odd reason. It's all good though.

On a happier note, I probably had the 2nd best date with the ladyfriend this past Friday. We first had breakfast at Cora's Breakfast & Lunch. I had this cinnamon toast looking thing with some sausages, egg and half a plate full of fruits (Note: I ate my first kiwi fruit and I am officially not a fan of it). After that, I took her to Riverwood Conservancy formerly known as Mississauga Garden Park. It's an amazing place to just look and admire nature. It kinda sucked because we were in nice clothing and you really need to wear something comfortable. We saw a number of wildlife from squirrels to chipmunks to a random doe we saw, which my girl acknowledged as "Bambi's mother"...yeah I know she died in the movie, but whatever, I'll give her that one. After that we went to No Frills to do my groceries and that whole experience made me realize how much I enjoy doing simple things with her. We finished in record time and we never missed an item on the list my mom gave me. Our last destination in Mississauga was at Kariya Park. The park honours the twin-city relationship between Mississauga and Kariya, Japan. I'll post pictures later so you guys can see the 'Japanese' tough to the park. We almost got attacked my a flock of Canadian Geese and I fully blame my girl for wearing a hot pink shirt that day because they looked like they were about to attack her. In that same day, we went downtown Toronto for an art exhibit at George Brown College. It wasn't my type of setting only because people seemed so sophisticated and whatnot. But yeah, we enjoyed ourselves and the food that was served there...hmmmmmm roast beef sandwich and smoked cheese. To end the night off we watched "He's Just Not That Into You" and man that movie is jokes. I didn't finish it and I've yet to borrow it from my girl to see what happens in the end. Definitely recommend that. Overall, I loved that day. It's definitely worth planning all of that.

Saturday night, I went to All Stars for some chicken wings. A couple of the Godfathers were there w/ their ladyfriends, the rest were MIA because they were at a graduation. But yeah, had a good time meeting Christina (you know who you are) and she's really nice to Flow, but hey I still have to run her through the screening process. I thought I would order just the regular Honey & Garlic flavoured wings but I thought I wanted to try something new (the ladyfriend insists that I try new things). I had what they called over there the 'Pandora's Box' and man, it's probably my 2nd favourite flavour after Honey & Garlic. The taste of it is pretty much like H&G but it had a nice spicy kick to it which is not too bad for me. We ended up reaching the graduation so some of the Godfathers were there (Rolando and VIP was still MIA) and I saw my girl along with our other friends. Overall a goodnight to spend with everyone. I couldn't miss another chill session because I've been MIA from all the other functions for the past week. Had to make this up to them.

You might be wondering who The Godfathers are. Funny thing is they don't know they're the Godfathers, I kinda just made it up today and it just stuck. Well it consists of MC, Flow, Franco, VIP, Rolando, Big K, AD3 and me. Just a bunch of us guys who grew up together and have created bonds throughout the years. There's a number of non-members who are affiliations but we'll discuss that later.

Sunday morning I went to the dentist with the family and I just had a filling done. Initially I thought I would've had my teeth cleaned but we didn't have much time because we got there at 10:30AM and we left at 1:00PM. So next time that's probably what I'm goin' to get done. We had Harvey's after, nothing too special about that. Sunday was just a beautiful day but it just felt nice being lazy and lying around. It was an okay Father's Day as well, but whatever it's just one of the marketing schemes that our society has embraced.

It's 11:19PM right now, I'm not sure what time I started posting because my friend gave me a call saying that they had broken up with their significant other. I don't want to go into too many details but I earnestly believe that they have done the best thing for them and their relationship. They have been talking to a 'potential' so the whole situation for them right now is pretty much bitter sweet.

So that's pretty much all for now. I'll post up pictures of our adventure and I'll try to upload more things in the future.

Until then, peace mofos.


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